Step 3: DPD setup

DPD Setup

DPD offers a FREE 30 day trial so you can test it out, the trial only allows you to upload a max 1.5gb file so you won’t be able to sell your film during the trial if it’s bigger than that BUT you can still see how it all works and decide if you want to use it to sell your film like I did.

Step 2: Click on “Dashboard” then on the left side click on “New Product”  and follow the EASY to follow instructions to set up your film for digital download sales

*Check out these great video tutorials on show to setup and use Dpd

Step 3: When your finished making your product go back to the “dashboard” and click on the “Button creator” for your newly created product.  Click on the button image and choose the color/style that you want. Then copy the code supplied and paste it into a text file so that you can use it when you set up your site.

Step 4: Enter your paypal information so DPD knows how to pay you!

Now you’re ready to set up your site. Click here to go do that!